Thursday, November 5, 2009

Slides from IPMB

Here are the slides from my workshop at the IPMB conference entitled "Integrating web 2.0 tools into the laboratory environment".

They are posted on my public Dropbox site, which is a free service that I really like. You install the software and designate a folder on your computer as your dropbox folder. Anything put in that folder automatically gets copied to your dropbox account on the web. If you have installed dropbox on another computer, the file will also be copied to that folder on the other computer (if the computer is online). You get 2GB of space for free, if you want more, you can pay ~$100/year to get 50GB. If you refer people, you can get an extra 250 MB added to your account, so if your interested, head to Dropbox using this link and I will get some extra space!.

Another service you can use to put up public files is Yousendit.

Both these services make it easy to send around large files without clogging up peoples email.